Dental Assisting / Tech Prep
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The Dental Assisting program prepares students in three essential areasóchair side assisting, basic dental laboratory, and business administration. Curriculum includes radiology, business administrative procedures, preventive dentistry, diet and nutrition, oral pathology, first aid and dental emergencies, dental specialties, operative procedures, dental anatomy, microbiology and sterilization, ethics, and human relations. Job prospects for dental assistants should be excellent. This career is expected to be one of the fastest growing occupations through 2012.

Program Highlights
Dental Assistant Orientation Dental Anatomy
Infection Control and Hazards Management General Health
Emergency Procedures Preventive Dental Assisting Procedures
Chairside Assistance Dental Specialties
Dental Laboratory Procedures Dental Office Procedures
Radiographic Procedures Communications

Career Opportunities
Pediatric Dental Assistant Prosthodontic Assistant
Dental Receptionist Patient Account Specialist
Dental Office Assistant Orthodontic Assistant
Peridontic Assistant Endodontic Assistant
Oral Surgery Assistant

Career Pathways to
Extended Function Dental Assistant Dental Laboratory Technician
Certified Dental Assistant Certified Oral Surgeon Assistant
Certified Orthodontic Assistant Dental Hygienist Dentist
Certified Dental Practice Management Assistant

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